Awkward/Awesome {fourteen}

Awkward: My 3.5 year old throwing a fit and screaming his way through the store. 
Awesome: The lady in line behind me saying "I totally understand. Is he 3?"

Awesome: My new way out of talking to solicitors is by telling them I am the nanny.
Awkward: Connor coming to me just as I am closing the door yelling, "mama, mama!"

Awesome: When you get popcorn at Target and ask for it to be split in two bags, they pretty much fill up two bags for the price of one. 
Awkward: My kids can't consume that much popcorn. 
Awkward x2: When one of those said kids decides to swing the bag of popcorn while we are driving and cover the inside of my car in popcorn. 
Awesome: I have a carwash membership...hello free vacuums! 

Awkward: The car in front of us breaking down in the In-N-Out drive thru. 
Awesome: Hubby getting out of the car and helping push it thru. And don't you worry, the driver of the broken down car still got his food! 

Awesome: Randomly running into your own husband while at lunch with a friend. 
Awkward: Because I thought he was going to a different restaurant, I bolted out of my seat and across the parking lot to say hi. 
 ** I know the sensible thing would have been to pick up my phone and call him, but I am so not sensible! 

Awesome: Connor sleeping in until 9:30am! That kid never sleeps in. 
Awkward: Isla deciding to wake at 7:30am.

Anything awkward or awesome happen with you lately?


  1. The second one!!! So funny! I'm totally going to steal your idea. Pretending to be the nanny is brilliant.

  2. I literally LOL'd at the nanny one. Truly awesome :)

  3. Why didn't you eat the popcorn at Target? I'd be all over that!

    1. It's a lot of popcorn! Too much for me and the kids to make a dent in. I did have some though. But it's only $2 for a popcorn and icee...any kids dream (who am I kidding? My dream too!)


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