What Isla Wore {five}

I know this may sound weird, but I feel like it has taken me a while to find my footing in the crazy world of dressing a girl. There is just so much over the top froo-froo stuff and that is totally not me. I, in a sense, have had to find what I am comfortable with for Isla.

Besides the generous helping of hand-me-downs we get, I buy almost all of Isla's clothes second hand. You blink and kids have grown out of their clothes. It isn't worth it to me to throw tons of money at those clothes. Not to mention, one good butt scoot across the driveway and a pair of leggings are ruined.

Shirt: Gymboree (thrifted)
Shorts: Old navy (thrifted)
Sandals: Rainbow

As for my go-to items for Isla, I definitely prefer trapeze/flowy tops for her paired with shorts or leggings. She says it works for her ;) I also like throwing in a dress here or there, but it has to be one she can easily play in...and can easily be washed. I am so not a more than one outfit a day mom! 

I also would like to point out these amazingly adorable shoes we just got for Isla, baby Rainbows. If you grew up or went to college anywhere in any sort of beachy place in California, chances are you have or currently own a pair of Rainbows. They are comfortable and last practically forever. Generally I am cheap and don't buy my kids more than one pair of shoes a season (hey, at least that one pair of shoes is good quality!) but when I saw these I couldn't resist. Now Isla is all ready to hit the beach...or just be one of the cool kids in the central valley.

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  1. LOVE your style for your precious girly!! I look forward to one day when we run out of awesome gifts from other people that I get to pick out Eisley's wardrobe! :)

    and those baby rainbows... ahhh.... i die!!! I've seen them and sooo want to get our kids a pair each!!


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