From the Mouth of Connor {two}

Just a little fun to brighten your Monday. This kid seriously comes up with the funniest things all the constantly asking for Isla to be put down for a nap so he can play alone! But here are some of his recent one (or two) liners:

I like doggies. I like it when they sleep. 

I know how to hunt in the jungle. 

My brother said to Connor, "No way, Jose!" and Connor said back, "I not Jose. Jose is at JJ's house." (JJ is our neighbor and Connor's friend. Jose is his grandpa.)

Connor called me "babe" so I asked him who he hear's call me babe and he said "daddy". Talk about making my heart swoon.

Connor closed his eyes and said "When I have black eyes, I can't see."

A friend of mine asked Connor:
What does Connor do? Play
What does daddy do? iPad
What does mommy do? Laundry
What does Isla do? Play

Connor says to Isla when she crys "Be happy sissy!"

Connor got in trouble and said to me, "Don't say anything to me!" Yep, the teenager in him is already making its way out.

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  1. Isla and Connor get to play, Ian gets the Ipad and all you get is laundry? That's a raw deal!


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