6 Pictures, 6 Things {Lawrence Hall of Science}

1. Ian and I were blown away by the views this place had of San Francisco. If you go there for no other reason go for this. 

2. One of the lower levels of this building was stuck in a 1960's time warp. It totally reminded me of the ghetto buildings I had most of my classes at in college. 

3. There was a room with small animals and every 15 minutes they got out a different animal for the  kids to touch. They got out a rabbit and after Connor, Isla and another toddler were done with it, they put it away because they said it had been "overstimulated"...I know the feeling mr. rabbit.

4. The kids weren't much into the science exhibits, but they sure had fun playing in the kid zone.

5. Though cute in the picture, that telescope did not work at all. 

6. There was a water feature that you could play with and change the flow of the water by damming up various water flows. I had fun playing with it. Connor had fun playing in the water...and pulling out my dams. 

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