I feel like I am constantly surrounded by people whose kids are all sweet and loving with their siblings. Then I look at my kids - Connor shoving Isla to the ground as he runs by or throws a bucket of water in her face making her cry. Isla pinches and bites Connor any time she senses he may do something to her and she loves grabbing the toy he is playing with and running away, leaving him screaming and chasing her. Yeah, no sweet, loving siblings over here.

So you can imagine my excitement to find them coexisting on the same bed together. No fighting or anything. Sure, one was under a blanket. But life isn't perfect and I'll take what I can get.

If I'm going to be totally honest, Connor was hiding under the blanket because he stole my phone and was hiding from me while playing on it. But Isla, in a her sweetness, was sitting on the bed reading a book...of course it was Connor's current favorite book and he freaked when he realized she had it. But still. 

I remember fighting to no end with my brothers when I was growing up. And you know what? I went to lunch with my brother today and neither one of us hit each other or yelled, so there is hope for Connor and Isla!

And every time I get jealous hearing of other parents perfect siblings, I try to remind myself that no one is perfect and I am sure (or at least I tell myself) their kids struggle with things my kids don't.

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  1. My sister used to pull my hair so hard I had big clumps missing. I once I purposefully shoved her down the stairs. But we are best friends now! There is hope!

    (Thanks for the link-up the other day!)


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