When I started this journey, I had this idea of amazingly adorable pictures every week that showed perfectly well behaved children or at least artistically crazy pictures. And except for this one time that hasn't really happened. But I feel like I need to take a chill pill and let it be what it is. I can't control things when I am not behind the camera and I certainly can't ever control my children, so there you have it. Real life folks! 

Oh, and did anyone notice that for the past six weeks I have apparently thought there was 53 weeks in the year. I just noticed that mistake tonight. Nice one Jessica! 

This week:
  • Connor got the above fire getup last weekend and has been wearing it every single day, in triple digit heat...even with rain boots one day.  
  • Isla has learned how to spit and apparently when I say spin it sounds like spit. 
  • We (and by "we" I mean Ian) finished the swing set in our backyard. Connor has gone in the backyard a couple times since. This is a big deal folks! 
  • Our air conditioner broke. A friend came and saved the day and fixed it. Even better, it was a simple, cheap fix. 
  • We went to the fair. What started off as a bad trip (think one unhappy Isla) actually turned out quite nice. 
  • I have been in a purging mood and I love when I get like that and start cleaning the clutter out of our home.

P.S. I actually really like this picture because it is pretty much how things are around here. And we generally do smile through the chaos. And Connor pretty much always smiles when he is running away from me! 


  1. Hey, I like the 'real' photos! And that's awesome that Connor went in the backyard a couple times! Wooo! You're all so cute!

  2. The pictures of you three jumping on the bed are my favorite from this series. I think candid, fun pictures are better anyway!


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