Babywearing For The Win

The other day was one of those days…a day that had me questioning myself over and over. Callum literally screamed his head off for hours. The type of screams where a whole baby's body goes stiff and that cuts deep into the mind of a concerned mother. He wouldn't nurse. I was concerned. I also became engourged and had to pump for the first time. Finally, after hours and hours, I put him in the sling and managed to get him to sleep. He conked out for hours and thankfully woke up hungry and ate very well. I am still not sure what all that was about, but it certainly had me concerned. It also made me remember how much of a lifesaver baby wearing is when babies are little, your arms are tired and they only want to be held close. Oh, and it totally felt wonderful to have a little human squished up against me.

On a side note, my sling and I are still getting acquainted, but I figure I will never learn if I don't try. This time I tried a different way to carry him and felt much more confident about it. Now to figure out how to not have the back all bunched together while I wear it.

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