Three Kids

Having three weeks of Christmas break to get used to three kids has been amazing. I feel like I have gotten a handle on things. Or, not really a handle, but have accepted my new reality. Every moment of the day is taken up with something, but I am good with it. That's why I love nursing. It allows me time to sit and stare at this little human I am in awe of…even when he is screaming his head off in the middle of the night. The older two are still obsessed. I often find Connor helping Callum before I can get to him. It's the kind of sweetness that melts this mama's heart. I certainly feel a bit like a circus act when I have to go anywhere alone with the three. But I am sure I will get used to that in time. Plus, we were a bit of a circus act with just the two, so not much has changed! Coffee has become a vital part of my life (not that it wasn't before!). And I am sure it will be even more so come next week when I have to get up with the sun in order to get the three kids up and ready for school. But I am ready for the challenge…with coffee in hand, of course.

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  1. It's so true: every moment of the day is taken up with something! I think that's been the hardest part of transitioning to three kids. There is literally not a moment to do anything for "me" during the day. I fight that new reality at first but I've accepted it and just stay up later at night now. Ha! Hence, more coffee around here too!


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