Learning to Ski

^^ Such excitement that they both wanted to wear all their gear on the way up. 

^^ Looking all cool walking out to the hill from his class

^^ Isla in her class…while it lasted (more on that later).  

^^ Proof that Callum was there 

^^ Ian, turned ski instructor, pulling Isla up the hill, then running down ahead of her to stop her.  

^^ Giving his teacher a look like, "You are going to stop me, right? Because I don't plan on stopping myself…

On Sunday we took the kids up to the snow and put them in a half day skiing lesson. We figured a half day lesson was a good place to start. And it was. Both kids were very excited. Isla's excitement wained and she ended up playing/practicing with Ian. Connor, on the other hand, was super into it and can't wait to go again. He didn't attempt to stop himself very well ever. The teacher would being yelling "Parachute! Parachute!" before Connor slamming into him…which, apparently they now call it parachute and not pizza anymore. I was entertained by it, even if the teacher (Mr. C) wasn't. Connor is ready to go skiing again, as soon as we will let him. Isla, on the other hand, said, "Maybe someday."

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