Isla Said What {four}

I get the real deal, all the time. But, here's a little entertainment from Isla to get you through your Friday.

When I was three, I thought I would get my driver's license when I was four. 

Mama, I love the blue sky. 

I love my stuffed animals. I love to cuddle them. I love to kiss them. I love to put bandaids on them when they hurt themselves. 

I wish every day was Friday, so I could have show and tell everyday. 

Mama, we're lucky because we have three kids. 

Isla: Mommy, am I invited to your 60th birthday?
Me: Yes.
Isla: Will you have goodie bags?

Callum, do you love when I cuddle with you?

There's also a lot of talk about best friends, poop and kitties around here. Like I said, entertainment all the time. Making it even better, she isn't even trying to be entertaining.

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