Callum {one month}

Weight: 9lbs, 5oz
Length: 22 inches

Callum has an outfit that says "genius" on it and I am like, that's right…he now smiles a bit while awake (though is full of smiles and even some laughs when sleeping), makes eye contact and has even made a few noises that aren't squeaks. And, to top it off, he actually purposely hit his toys when hanging out on his play mat the other day. Like I said, genius. 

The kid loves being held. In fact, he really doesn't want to be set down and lets you know his displeasure if you do. Though, he has actually been willing to chill in his swing a couple times now for a few minutes, so that is progress. Because of his love for being held, baby wearing has become our best friend. That and getting stuff done when he is napping…if I managed to successfully transfer him to his bed. 

Callum loves baths. He has yet to cry when taking a bath, though always cries when I get him out. But, that makes me cry when the cold air hits me as well, so I feel his pain. He also loves his changing table. If he is crying, you can set him on it and he will stop. He stares contentedly at a picture hanging on the wall next to him. 

Callum isn't on a schedule yet. Most of the nights have gone well, though he has had a few really bad nights. He tends to take a nice long nap in the afternoon, which is when I try to get things done around the house. He takes a pacifier sometimes. But, if he is hungry, he could care less about the pacifier. When we are out (especially in the car) or when I am wearing him though, it works well. 

The kids are still obsessed and Callum gets a LOT of attention. He does like watching the kids run around the room and will move his head to follow them as they move. And, as long as he isn't hungry, he is perfectly content with one of them holding him. 

This little man is loved by all in our home!

Callum is still my longest baby and weight wise is still in the middle of both kids, Connor being the lightest at one month and Isla being the heaviest.

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  1. I love love love him❤ he's so gorgeous!!! Also love the new blog style :) beautiful family !!💖


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