Three Kids

Adding a third child has made me have to prioritize the most important things. It has opened my eyes to what is truly necessary in the day - things like getting us ready (on school days), homework, meals, grocery shopping - and what is not so necessary. I tend to try to get the necessary done as early in the day as possible. That way if the day throws me a curveball, in the form of a crying baby that only wants to be held, I still have covered the truly necessary parts of my day. Sure, the older two have been watching more tv than I would like, but I am hoping once we are out of the young baby stage, that will change again. And they have been incredibly good at rolling with the punches…Connor doing his homework more independently, while running back and forth between the table and his mama nursing his baby brother when he has questions, Isla letting me have Callum in bed with us when we cuddle up and read a bedtime story. We seem to have found our new normal around here.

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