One Year

It's amazing what a difference a year makes. Sometimes it seems like not that much changes in a year. But other times, incredible things happen. These family pictures were taken a year apart. Well, a year and two weeks, if you want to be technical. When I booked our family pictures last year (which I do months in advance), I remember hoping that we could use those pictures to announce we were adding to our family. I hoped the same thing the year before. But, it didn't happen.

I think for anyone, walking through a time in your life when you aren't getting something you really want is hard. Be it a friendship, a marriage, stability, a job, a child, etc. it's hard. And though I don't carry that pain with me anymore, when I look back at pictures and think of the pain, I remember it and remember how very real it was.

It's hard to me to express how blessed I feel to have Callum in our family without feeling the need to add an asterisk to it. When I talked about it while pregnant, I had people respond to me that ALL babies are a blessing. I am certainly not saying they aren't. Trust me, I don't love Callum any more than I love Connor and Isla. But, I do think there is something so incredibly beautiful and joyful about the rainbow that comes after the storm. So really, Callum is my rainbow. That's a really great way to put it.

I still need to get around going through our family pictures from December. I went through them enough to throw together an extremely late Christmas card/birth announcement. But I still need to go through them and print some for our house and share them here…and talk more about how incredibly stressful it is to do family pictures six days after having a baby. But they turned out beautifully and for that I am thankful.

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