Beating to her own drum

^^ Staring at herself in the sun visor mirror

One of the things I really enjoy about watching my kids grow is watching their personalities develop, watching who they will become. This little spitfire of a girl is so fiercely independent, yet, at the same time, loves her friends oh-so-much. Isla has always been so amazing at independent play. She has quite the imagination, I tell ya. And she doesn't seem to care much what others think…which was reinforced when at her preschool parent-teacher conference yesterday, one of the teachers referred to "Islaland" and how she can just be in her own world at times. Which, Islaland is pretty funny when you think about it, because she loves looking at herself in the mirror. I kid you not, each week at ballet, she spends almost the whole class watching herself in the mirror…I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I love this little girl and how carefree she is, even if it drives me batty at times when I am trying to hustle her into the car and she wants to stop and look at a bird in the tree or pick a flower. I hope she manages to go against the grain and remain carefree, stopping to take in the little things in life, for the rest of her life.

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