Brotherly Love

Watching Connor love on Callum really does leave me all googly-eyed…and sometimes concerned when he gets a little too crazy around such a small baby…but mostly googly-eyed.

Ever since I was pregnant, I've been waiting for the kids to turn on Callum and not think he was cool anymore. When I was pregnant and they were all excited, I would tell them how babies cry all the time, then I would fake baby cries. They thought it was hysterical. Then Callum came out and they really don't care about his cries. In fact, they want to help when he cries. Now I find myself saying "just wait until he takes your toys." And it made me realize, maybe I am a bit pessimistic. Maybe these kids really do just love having Cauum around. And sure there will be times when he annoys them. But maybe, just maybe, I should stop waiting for them to turn on him and just relish the fact that they love him so.

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  1. It's funny how our own birth order can effect how we parent our children.

    I just love this sweet season for you. It is such a different dynamic for you with this babe than it was the last.

    How much Connor adores callum even makes my heart melt it is so stinking cute!!


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