Callum {2 months}

Weight: 11lbs, 6oz
Length: 24 inches

Likes: Sleeping on his tummy, being held or worn, diaper changes and eating
Dislikes: Being put down, his car seat, pent up gas

Callum is turning out to be quite the long, skinny guy. He is in the 89th percentile for height and the 26th for weight, so definitely long and skinny. But, his doctor isn't worried because he is gaining weight. And that always makes me happy. I get so tired of pediatricians that get caught up in the percentiles and where a baby lands, as past experience has shown me, babies tend to end up all over the chart and as long as they aren't going off at either end, all should be fine. But enough of my tangent and more about Callum. 

Callum is in size 1 dapers still. I am guessing he could move up soon, but given that he has only had a few blowouts and I want to use up the rest that I have, I am not too worried. Callum is now able to wear most 3-6 month clothing. He is completely out of the newborn size and a lot of his 0-3 months stuff is getting too short on him. Callum is still completely breastfed. He has taken a bottle twice and both times did great at it.

When Callum smiles, it totally melts my heart. But, he really makes you work for those smiles. And, he generally is more smily when he first wakes up. He loves hanging out on his activity mat and will happily bat at the toys dangling above him for 20-30 minutes now. As long as he is tired, he will tolerate his swing and go to sleep. But, if he isn't tired, he generally doesn't like just chilling in his swing. And he definitely doesn't like just chilling in his car seat. Even red lights in that thing make him mad. He much prefers laying flat in his stroller than if I use his car seat with the stroller. Callum really enjoys being worn. If he is fussy, I can usually put him on and have his calm and asleep within a couple minutes. Plus, it helps keep my hands free to help with the other kids. 

Sleepwise, Callum is doing great. I have let him put himself on a schedule and one definitely has been emerging over the past couple weeks. His fussy time in the evening (from about 8-11pm) seems to be disappearing. He will go 4-5 hours at night before wanting to eat and is usually the last person in the house up for the day. Given that he is the third child, he takes a lot of naps on the go. But, if we are home for one, he will take a really good 2-3 hour nap.

We all love having this little man in our house. The charm of having him around definitely hasn't worn off. 

And in case you wanted to compare, here are my 2 month updates on Connor and Isla. Callum is still remaining my longest baby and still continues to land in the middle weight wise, with Isla being the heaviest and Connor the lightest.

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  1. He is so handsome. I love his expression in the first photo!


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