Little Moments Not To Be Forgotten

two brothers in a space pod
tummy time
morning shenanigans 
late night lego play
three Grimbleby's in a bed
Darth Vader vs. candle girl (?!)
two kids in a tub
dad cuddles

There is something about a baby in the house that naturally slows the pace of life down. It really does allow you to focus on the little things…of course, maybe that's because taking care of a baby leaves little time for big things! Either way, I really do enjoy the slower pace, especially in the evenings. Of course, sometimes I could do without all the fussiness in the evenings. Which, what is it with babies and crying in the evenings?! I digress.

There is a lot of love between the brothers in this house and I totally love it. Like it melts my mama heart over and over every single day. Connor is all about Callum and it really is cute.

Yes, it's February and we still have Christmas lights up. BUT, they are only still up in the kids rooms. All the rest of the decorations are put away. Well, that's kind of a lie. We still have the Christmas lights up in our bushes outside. We put away the extension cords to plug them in weeks ago, but they are still in the bushes. Remember my first thought? Not much free time around these parts.

In the most genius mom hack ever, I realized if I turned Callum's bath sideways at the end of our tub, it sits perfectly. Now I can easily give two kids a bath at once. And the other kid gets the privilege of bathing with Callum without actually bathing with Callum (i.e. all the fun parts and none of the not so fun parts like hardly any water in the tub or constantly being told by mom to be careful and not to splash Callum).

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  1. Oh man Jess, these are some really great photos. I really love everything about this blog and seeing you really enjoy the slower pace that come with this baby!

    Your photos of Connor with callum melt my heart too! So so sweet to see!

    And the three grimblebys in bed is really so precious too!


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