Thumb Sucking & Pacifiers

Exciting stuff, I know. But I have a seven week old, so it's kind of where I am at in life right now.

Let me give you a little history on the pacifier in the Grimbleby household. Pacifiers saved my life with Connor. That may sound dramatic, but they sure did help. Not just help, they were magic. It was amazing. And that kid would take any old pacifier he could get his hands on. He wasn't picky. Then came along Isla. She wouldn't take a pacifier. I spent so much money buying every single pacifier out there, to no avail. She wanted the real deal and she wanted it all the time. So, I knew if I could get Callum to take a pacifier, I was going to.

While pregnant, I bought some overpriced pacifiers that I kept seeing everywhere. I justified it because they are made of natural rubber and are only one piece, so no crevices to get germs stuck in. Well, the kid wouldn't take them. So with a tried and true soothie we went. He still doesn't take it amazingly, but he accepts it, so that's a win in my book. But the other day, when I went to check on Callum during a nap, I found him full on sucking his thumb. It was incredibly cute. He has tried, but not managed to get his thumb back in his mouth since. And I haven't decided what I think about it. It sure is cute. But it also is pretty unhygienic, given how often he (doesn't) washes his hands and how often his brother and sister touch his hands. Then there is the fact that I can't just take a thumb away like I can a pacifier.

So there you have it. But seriously, it's stuff like this that consumes my thoughts when my kid won't stop crying and I am trying to figure out how to make him stop.

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  1. Oh my goodness, it is so cute!!

    The thumb is such a tough thing to break. We still have a thumb sucker, but I remember what high emotions it brought when he started.

    He was a pacifier babe, but it always fell out and he began to cry again. When he found his thumb everything changed. It was a miracle.

    Praying whether callum takes a paci or sucks his thumb it will bring peace and rest to you!


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