Where have all the bloggers gone?

I can remember a few years ago, excitedly checking the comments on my blog. The comments came from friends I had made in the blog world and were almost like a conversation that went back and forth between us. I felt like I knew these people through their blogs. They felt like true friends. I had connections with them. 

All of us wrote about mundane things in our lives. None of us had the best pictures. Yet, there was a very real connection. One for a long time I had trouble explaining to other people. 

And now it's gone. 

My blogger feed is all but empty these days. Literally every single last friend I made doesn't blog anymore. All for one reason or another. A couple tried going pro and their content became sponsored post after sponsored post and no longer real or interesting to me. But most just stopped. 

I've reconnected with a few on instagram. Which, people did predict that instagram would kill the blog. But, it's just not the same. A two line post under a little square picture just isn't the same as a long post about, say, what you did over the weekend or what you wore out on a date with your husband. 

And I miss it. 

I miss the very real connection I felt with these people. I miss feeling like I was having conversations with friends over the mundane things in life. These conversations were easy because they could come during nap time or after the kids were in bed. They could happen at home on the couch or while I was sitting in the car. 

So, if any of my old blogging peeps are out there, just know this…we had a good few years. I really enjoyed your friendship. And I miss the "conversations" we had and hearing about the mundane and exciting happenings of your life. 

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  1. *hangs head in shame* I know I am one that left the blog world. Didn't mean to. Stinkin' homeschooling and my computer dying.
    I miss blogging. I miss all that documenting of life, more than those 2 lines under the square picture. One day I'll come back.


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