A Yellow Chair

Alternately titled "20 ways to photograph a chair". You know that would be like a top pinned thing on pinterest…because people be ridiculous. Or, I could have just titled it "my living room". But, I got a new yellow chair and that needs to be celebrated.

^^ I got our new family pictures printed and up on the wall and that too needs to be celebrated. And, don't you worry, I have now straightened the two frames on the right that were equally crooked together.  

I feel like when your husband agrees to your idea of getting a bright yellow chair for the living room, you need to jump on it. And that's exactly what I did. Like, I went and bought the chair the very next day. Not that there is much to agree on, because this chair is AMAZING.

We used to have two chairs that match our couch right in that spot. But, they have been moved to the playroom and the old couch back there finally went bye-bye. That was something neither Ian or I were sad to see go. The leather chair on the right used to be in our bedroom and it has pretty much been homeless since it got replaced with a crib. So, it's happy to once again have a home. And I am happy not only with the sunny disposition the yellow chair brings to the living room, but also the more eclectic feel the mismatched chairs bring to the room as well.

I like to rearrange things in my house as often as others like to, say, vacuum. It happens often. But it makes me happy and its fun for me. And, generally, it requires no money, so no harm done. This time the chair did cost some money. But look how happy it makes the room! I know, I know, it's just a chair. But, you know you like it.

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  1. I really do love that chair. It is so fun and looks so good there. And I totally didn't even notice those frames were crooked. I didn't even notice the new photos in them the other day. They are so cute!

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