We took a quick trip to Disneyland over the weekend. Because a quick trip with an accountant during busy season is all I am going to get! Though I have to admit, having Ian off for three days in a row felt pretty dang decadent. I love that man so much and enjoy having him around. Exploring with our crew is just the cherry on top. 

So Disneyland. Yeah, it's sure not for the faint of heart with three kids in tow. But we managed pretty dang well...though there may have been an incident with a lady not liking Isla's bubble wand and Isla calling the lady a "silly goose" then proceeding to stick the bubble wand right in front of the lady's face. We got there not long after the park opened. Not long in, we stumbled upon jedi training, only to find out it was already full for the day. We got the kids on the alternate list and managed to get them in on the first show we tried. Which, Connor loved...and apparently the sight of Darth Vader makes Isla curl up in a ball on the ground. 

Connor got to experience all sorts of "big kid" rides and loved them, which make me so incredibly happy. Kids getting older and getting to enjoy things I remember as being so much fun as a kid are one of my favorites, so yay for Connor loving space mountain! Isla got all done up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I'm pretty sure the makeup was her favorite part. She wanted to pose with her eyes shut after so the eye make up would be seen. 

We were going to watch the electric parade, but tight quarters and Isla's bubble wand (remember the incident above?!) weren't proving super fun. So I instead told Isla we would find a big open space for Isla to dance around with her bubble wand and she was perfectly happy. We ended up leaving about 9pm, getting back to the car right as the fireworks were going off. And given that we were parked on the roof of the parking garage, we had the perfect view. 

It was a really good and full day. One that I promise Callum was with us for, though he didn't really make it into pictures and spent most of the time in the stroller or carrier. And now, here's one million pictures for you to look at...or scroll to the bottom to see a little video of our day. 

^^ Connor driving on autopia. He kept saying "steady she does it" which was cracking me up. I don't know where he learned that line from. 

^^ Using the force from a safe distance back

^^ Oh hey Mickey! I'm not sure you were worth the incredibly long line to see you, but we all survived.

^^ He wanted a pretzel so bad, and we finally found a stand with one! 

^^ Isla's fairy godmother in training walking her to the salon. I have to admit, I was blown away with how well the lady interacted with Isla the whole time, always asking questions and never breaking character. 

^^ Connor rebuilt and redesigned his lightsaber a couple times before deciding on the one.

Anyone still there? If you actually made it all the way to the bottom, well done. You deserve an award.

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  1. I get an award!! :p

    No seriously- I love Disney recaps and this was awesome!! I'm dying over the Star Wars photos. So so so cute. Everything looks like so much fun and I'm cracking up all of your little family tidbits like the bubble wand and "steady she does it"


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