Three Kids

The thing about three kids is they keep you busy. I often find from the time I get up until the time the kids go to bed, I may not even get five minutes to sit and do something for me. Now, I don't mean all that time is directly spent on the kids, but there are things like laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc that also just take time. With all the busyness, sometimes it can feel like the one that screams the loudest is often the one to get the most attention. And, for all intensive purposes, that's the baby. Because of this, carving out special time each day with Connor and Isla has become important to me. Usually that time is in the form of cuddling up to read because I really enjoy reading and they seem to really enjoy being read to. But that also can look like coloring with Isla, playing scrabble junior with Connor or even running an errand alone with one of them. It doesn't happen often that I get out alone with just one of them, but I really like it when I do. When they are alone with me, they seems to come alive and just talk and talk and give their opinions on anything and everything and I totally eat it up.

The other day I walked to get Connor from school without Isla with me and he literally held my hand the whole way home from school and just talked and talked about his day. Now, he normally talks on his way home from school, but with Isla not there, the talk didn't quickly turn to pokemon! I have always valued picking my kid up from school because they just seem extra chatty about the little things that happened that day as soon as you pick them up. Those walks and drives home from school are always some of my favorite times.

I am acutely aware that every day I am laying the groundwork for the relationship I will have with my children later. I am also aware that I am laying the foundation for the relationship they will have with each other. All this terrifies me, but also makes me want to be the best person I can be.

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