Callum Feeds Himself

^^ This may be my favorite picture ever! He isn't angry here, but actually holding up his bowl, screaming in pure joy.

The other day, I put Callum in his high chair to feed him and he literally went crazy. He was screaming and kicking and throwing himself around. Yeah, that toddler will has come roaring to the surface of my adorable babe. I had a feeling the real problem was that he wanted to feed himself. I tried handing him the spoon with some oatmeal on it, but he wanted the bowl too. So, I pulled him out, stripped him down, then put him back in his chair again and let him go to town.

Though he attempted to use his spoon a few times, he mostly just used his hand to scoop up the oatmeal and put it in his mouth. Then he would lick his fingers and start all over again. It was actually quite comical to watch. Aww, the messy stage of learning to feed yourself. It's fun when you have time to clean, but doing a deep cleaning of the house and a babe after every meal can get a little tiring. It comes with the territory though.

And if you want to see Callum in action, here is a short video clip of him eating his oatmeal.

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