Spring School Photos

Connor just had spring photos done at school. When the form came home for it, I sort of rolled my eyes. But Connor, he was all sorts of excited. The thing is, when picture day came, all Connor wanted to wear was his school sweatshirt. The same sweatshirt he wears EVERY SINGLE DAY. But, given that I didn't really care about the pictures, I didn't think it was worth a fight and let it go. Then, the pictures got sent home...those school picture companies know what they are doing, sending the overpriced pictures home with kids begging for their parents to buy them. Anyway, in the words of Connor, "Don't I look adorable?" And I can't help but smile a bit and think of how he loves that sweatshirt. And between the pictures coming home and Connor begging, I am guessing we are going to end up buying at least one sheet of said adorable picture. I wonder how the whole school picture thing fits in with the minimalism I just talked about yesterday...

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