Family Time

Going back to last weekend, one of the nicest things about our extended weekend was having Ian's undivided attention for three whole days. Tax season is long people. And it doesn't just suck for the accountant that has to work it, it sucks for their family too. #firstworldproblems I know. All I'm saying is the end is finally coming into view and for that I can breathe a little lighter. Sorry for that accounting rant...

But back to our three days. We drove down to LA on Friday after Connor got done with baseball. The nice thing with LA, is having lived there for a few years, we know where things are and generally know what we want to do. On Saturday, we took the kids to a bookstore. After that, we picked up lunch and headed to a park for a while. Then we went home (well, to my parents home) to regroup for a bit. Then we headed to Ikea. I wanted to check out their indoor plant selection and I knew the kids would be up for it because they seriously love Ikea childcare. I was right and it was a win for all of us...well, except for Callum. He needed a nap, but he was a trooper. Then we headed back to my parents, made dinner and had an early night in anticipation of Disneyland the next day.

On Monday, the kids and I had a lazy morning, while Ian went and picked up a few hundred pounds of green coffee beans. Wait, you don't fill up the back of your car with green coffee beans every time you go to LA?! And to think I thought that was normal. We hit the road about lunch time, stopping for bagels on our way out of town. The way to my heart really is through a really good tasting lox bagel sandwich. On our way home, we met my parents at a Starbucks for a bit and said hi because ironically my dad had been doing a conference in northern California while we were at their house in southern California.

Ian and I got plenty of car time to catch up on all the things we needed to talk about...or all the things I wanted to go on and on and on about ;) Aww, family time. Just a few more weeks and we will have our weekends back. Woohoo!!!

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