Isla Said What?! {five}

I wish I did a better job keeping track of the things that my kids say, because they crack me up on a daily basis with what comes out of their mouths...even if half of it is inappropriate and may never be repeated! 

Mom, it looks like we may have a problem. Mom, now we officially have a problem!

I'm newin pooin. You know what that means mom? Almost everything I'm wearing is new.

I'm going to close my eyes. I don't want to see you guys slobbery kiss.

My hair's been a bit floppy today (i.e. keeps going in her face).

The leaves are dancing (i.e. blowing in the wind).

The boss of my mom is my dad.
When I heard her telling someone this, I was seriously like "Uh, WHAT?!"

Upon discovering Isla didn't flush the toilet:
I did that for you mom. Aren't you going to say thank you?

Mom you're so funny because you have a crazy brain. 
I'll just take that as a compliment! 

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