February Video Review

You may have been wet, February, but you were good to us. We had a snow day. We got fresh made bread every week that not only tastes amazing, but is made by the sweetest person. There was wildflower picking, play dates with friends, unexpected date nights, Gilly the tadpole, baseball season starting and more. Connor and I finished the first Harry Potter book and started the second. Isla's ballet class started learning their recital dance. Callum has mastered cruising around and goes up the stairs with gusto. Ian is head deep in busy season. And me? I'm drinking coffee every day, mothering these babies the best I can and trying to cook delicious soups as often as I can before the weather turns warm.

On another subject, if anyone has any advice about sharing videos, I'm all ears. I can't figure out why the quality isn't there when I post it to my blog, vs how it is on my computer. I figured out how to fix it not showing up on phones, but the quality isn't there. #nontechsavvythirthysomethingyearold

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  1. I can't handle all this cuteness. Love it so much, but I have so many comments. I feel like I need to watch it again and pause it as I write. Haha

    Who was in the spy googles and what in the world was in Isla's hair? Live the video of callum using the chair as a walker, babies don't need fancy toys they make use of the ordinary. And for some reason watching him with the peas on his tray made me laugh out loud. And oh Pokémon... oh the Pokémon, hahaha. Love the photo of Ian and Connor on the lake, Connor had to think that was so cool.

    Now I'm going to go back and watch all your old YouTube videos and laugh at you. 😜

  2. Oh my gosh, and isla twirling, I die. So so so cute!!!


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