Getting Out

Around this time every year, I start itching for adventure. Sitting around cozied up in front of a fire is no longer appealing. I am ready to jail break from the confines of my home, in search of adventure. The problem is, it is still far too cold to enjoy many outdoor activities. So, I find myself often drawn to Knight Ferry. An easy place to walk, climb rocks, explore all while enjoying the sunshine. The exploration also tends to help with the child attitudes that come along with too much indoor time.

Now I would be remiss to just leave the story here, along with all the happy pictures. The thing is, Saturday was hard. There seems to be a lot going on with both mine and Ian's families that is just weighty. Pile on the fact that we stayed out until 10pm on Friday night with the we had some tired kids on our hands. Sure they had fun. But there was much whining and crying about things that didn't matter, in between bursts of exploration. Am I glad we got out? Yes. I think it's important to get some fresh air and sunshine on our faces, because life is about so much more than what's on tv or the angry birds app on an ipad.

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