Baseball Season is Upon Us

Connor's baseball games began this past week. And it is all much different than tball. First off, they have one home game and one away game each week...some of the games are up to an hour away! In tball, all the games are home games. Also, starting in coach pitch, the games are played like actual games - three strikes and you're out, actual innings, etc. It seems like that has taken the kids a bit to get used to, but by their third game the other night, they were used to it.

It's fun watching Connor learn his likes and dislikes and learn to navigate being a part of a team. It's also fun getting to watch Isla get to play with the numerous little sisters from the team this year. There are so many of them and they instantly start running around together, which is so nice. Poor Callum though, he is pretty much trapped in his stroller. Since they are now playing in an actual stadium, it's dirt everywhere, and given that he is still crawling, I haven't braved just letting him go for it...not to mention the worry of him being taken out by someone walking by as there are generally a lot of people in the baseball complex.

Even though this is our third year in this whole sports world, I always feel so new at it. I never remember to bring chairs (just in case) or any of the other paraphernalia. And, sometimes when it's really windy, I escape to the car for comfort. But, I'm there and I'm learning and I'm trying, so yeah. But don't expect me to sign up for team mom any time soon.

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