Bad Mom?

Just be prepared. I am going to go on a bit of a rant here...

Keeping Callum entertained at Connor's baseball games can be a bit of a challenge. Lots of times the places he plays are not safe places to let Callum out of his stroller to roam around. And he's not content just being held by us. Couple this with it being evening time and it makes it quite the challenging couple hours. I have taken to getting him treats from the snack bar to keep him happy. And it's funny (not really haha, but intriguing) what people have to say about it. I get that giving a 16 month old cheetos isn't a normal occurrence. Heck, we don't even buy chips at all for our house. But sometimes there are just those do what you have to do to survive times and I would rather face them without people making comments about me feeding my kid if I am actually feeding him rat poison or something.

Which makes me think of the whole unicorn frappuccino fiasco last week. I saw someone in my instagram feed get attacked for posting a picture of her kid with one. One commenter even said she didn't deserve to be a mom. Really? Over giving a kid a sugary beverage? After watching so many people say so many negative comments about it, I did actually pipe up a bit to someone I know that commented about someone else I know's adorable children with their pink frappuccinos. I was just getting so tired of people sharing the nutritional information for a venti when in reality most people were getting their children a tall and that is HALF the size of a venti. Not to mention that no one knows how much the child actually drank. I mean, I thought those drinks looked so fun, I took my kids to get them...and that was the FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES they had ever had a frappuccino. Of course the unicorn ones were sold out and they had to settle for other flavors that they didn't particularly like or finish all of anyway. But my point is, how would anyone know that is the first time my children had frappuccinos, yet people love to judge.

People don't know that I put a lot of thought into what I feed my family. I read labels like no other. I avoid nitrates and high fructose corn syrup. And corn syrup, for that matter, along with artificial sweeteners. So when we are out somewhere and I let my kids have a treat, I let them have it completely guilt free knowing "everything in balance".

All people see is one event and decide to open their mouths. Why? Do they feel like the child is being raise incorrectly and their statement will change everything? Does it make them feel better about themselves, like they know something others don't? Or perhaps do they just like spouting off their unwanted opinions when they really aren't wanted or needed?

Now I know some will say that everyone is entitled to their opinions. And it's true. But just because you are entitled to your opinion doesn't mean you need to state that opinion out loud. We all are living our lives and raising our families how we see fit. And really...I mean REALLY...if no one is getting hurt, keeping our opinions to ourselves is probably a good thing.

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