A Few of My Favorite Things

In honor of my birthday, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things...all contained in one picture.

Plaid. I really like plaid. My kids don't really like being dressed in it, but since I get to pick out what I wear, I wear it a lot.

Flannel. I wear flannel a lot in the winter too. It's so soft and cozy. Kind of like wearing jammies. Which, I have flannel pjs too. They have cupcakes on them and my kids call them my hospital pjs because they remember me wearing them in the hospital when I had Callum.

Gnomes. I once saw a house that had hundreds of gnomes all over their front yard. #lifegoals. I once had a gnome stolen off my front porch and returned a week later. I was hoping it would of been returned with pictures of it traveling the world or something, but nothing. It just reappeared. Since that gnome is from Scotland and sentimental to me, I now have it in my living room and keep other gnomes on my porch.

Coffee. There's coffee in that gnome mug. Now you know why I'm smiling so big at that cup of coffee. I love me some coffee. #coffeeislife

I could talk about the lockers in the background too, if you would like. I love them so much. They were the biggest pain in the butt ever to move. Like horribly. Usually my husband goes along with all my ideas, but I think he thought the lockers were more trouble than they were worth. But I love them.

There you have it. I do have other favorite things, like my family, thrifting, bright colors, music I can sing along to, taking pictures, taco bell. But I'll stop here for today.

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  1. Girl I'm with you on those lockers!! They are absolutely fantastic and worth allll the trouble.

    I lol'd at the gnome story! How random!

    1. We had to use a car jack to try to lift them up to the level of our house because I wasn't strong enough to lift them in the front door! I'm pretty sure my husband wanted to leave them outside.


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