Isla Lost Her First Tooth

Isla lost her first tooth on Sunday night. It happened while I was reading to her before bed. She was super excited and said it didn't hurt at all. Then she excitedly took it to the bathroom to clean. She put it in a ball jar (her choice) under her pillow...and continued to carry it around in the jar everywhere she went on Monday. It's cute how proud of it she is. It has been loose for a MONTH, so it really is about time that it came out. When she first told me it was loose, all those weeks ago!, I felt a little bit of sadness. My baby girl is growing up. But, when she pulled it out on Sunday night, I felt nothing but joy for her. Seeing her joy brought me so much joy.

Also, my kids know I am the tooth fairy but still play along. I'm really not sure if it's for my sake or theirs (or really just because it is fun). But I was a little nervous that Isla would blow it for other kids at school on Monday, but I don't think she did.

Because I get all sappy about my kids milestones, here is the post from when Isla got her first tooth...the very tooth she just lost. It's funny how I still totally remember the evening when we discovered that first tooth in her mouth, not like it was yesterday but certainly not like it was five years ago! Also, in case you care, here is when Connor lost his first tooth, complete with a video of him pulling it out.

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