Isla's Half Birthday

So one day last week, Isla says to me, "It's my half birthday in two days mom. What are you going to get me?" Insert dumbfounded mom look here. Which I then replied, "How did you know it's your half birthday?" And, I should have known...Isla replied, "Uncle Jeremy told me!" Of course Connor starts crying about how none of his half birthdays have ever been celebrated...ohmygosh. But, in true Jessica form, I knew I needed to mark the occasion.

You see, one year I made a huge stink about my half birthday. And some amazing people in my life went along with it. They sang me half the birthday song while presenting me with half a birthday cake. And I got half a birthday card. Three of these same people made a point to call me at 3:17am one year on my birthday because I made such a stink about that was when my REAL birthday was. I was such a stinker...of course, still am in many ways!

So, given my history, I knew I needed to do something. I got a birthday card and those two little things you see Isla holding. I woke her up singing "happy half birthday" and presented her with her half card and gift. She totally ate it up. She was all smiles. It was super cute and totally worth celebrating, just by the smile on her face.

Now here's to remembering to celebrate Connor's half birthday next month!

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