Because sometimes you get dressed in something other than a flannel shirt (hey, flannel shirts are my jam!) and go get yourself some flowers at the most adorable flower stand ever. 

Someone complemented me on my collection of flannel shirts the other day. It make me both smile and laugh. I seriously love flannel shirts. They are just so cozy and still count as wearing real clothes. I have quite the collection. At least 10. No joke. And, as anyone that sees me all winter knows, I literally wear them every day. It has gotten to the point that when I don't wear one, I usually get complemented on my outfit by people that see me everyday. I think it's their subtle way of telling me to stop with the flannel shirts. But I will never stop. They are my true love. 

Also, a little real life hack for you. I don't iron my clothes. I hate ironing. This shirt I am wearing, the collar gets messed up every time I wash it. I stopped wearing it because I didn't want to iron the collar. Enter my genius idea. I tried my hair straightener on the collar and it totally WORKED! I was pretty dang excited. Because, it's the little things, right?!

But back to the flower stand. If you are anywhere in the Modesto area, you NEED to check out Wild Blooms Farm in Ripon. It's the most adorable side of the road flower stand. The stand is right in front of the flower fields, so you can see all the beautiful blooms coming up behind it as well. If you don't live in the area, just check out their instagram. All those beautiful flowers will definitely make you smile. 

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