When Mama's Sick

This picture was taken literally hours before I got the sickest I have been in years. Years. It was awful. Had I known I was going to get so sick, I probably wouldn't have been smiling so big. And I probably wouldn't have eaten as large a lunch...because that all came back up. 

We started this past week off with Connor getting the stomach flu. Nothing too bad. It was going around his school. He got it and it quickly left. A day later, I either got the worst stomach flu ever or food poisoning. I was completely out of commision for 36 hours. For about 10 of those hours, I was throwing up every 15-30 minutes. It was awful...besides all that throwing up, I realized we don't have a low flush toilet in our bathroom. A toilet full of water, my face close, throw up hitting it and splashing ALL OVER ME. Which, this happened five years ago at our old house and we quickly changed that toilet out. Talk about deja vu.  Anyway, I was in so much pain because I was so dehydrated. Which, side note, I found out later from my nurse friend that you need to drink something with electrolytes to replace them within your body to help. Once I started doing that, I started feeling much better. Anyway, Ian had to take off work. I couldn't even get out of bed, or even hold a couple line conversation, let alone take care of three children. 

Most of that day and a half I don't even remember because I was sleeping so much. Even after all that sleep, I still felt so weak. It took another two days before I started eating again. I went three days without eating. It was all crazy and I am oh so glad it is behind me. Now here's to hoping that never happens again! 

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