I can't believe that the year is almost over. It has flown and also gone by so slowly. I didn't think the kids grew that much, but looking back, it seems Isla went from baby to teenager toddler in the course of a year. We are on the cusp of switching her out of her crib. After living life in baby mode for the past four years, it's kind of weird that we are growing out of that stage.

This week:

  • After realizing my friend got her son (who is younger than Isla) his first Starbucks, I decided to get Isla her first this week. She has already had two! 
  • Such a funny Jimmy Kimmel clip about people in LA freaking out over a little rain. The funny part is, it is SO TRUE. I remember it from when I lived down there.
  • Connor has baby fever. He held a little baby for like 20 minutes the other day and I literally had to pry the baby out of his hands. If only he realized that babies grow up and become little siblings that anger you when they mess up your legos! 
  • I ordered our Christmas cards. I had the place address and mail out the cards as well. It's so weird to think of sending out Christmas cards that I haven't even seen in the flesh or held in my hands! 

Isla and I are headed to LA this week as my dad is having back surgery. Connor will be staying behind in Modesto so he can attend his first ever school Christmas party. I'm feeling antsy about leaving Connor behind, but also about having to entertain a toddler during a few hour surgery at a hospital. If I'm a little silent this week, well that's why. 

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  1. What kind of starbucks do you get? Maybe Taylor would like it too!!

    1. A kids hot chocolate. It is only $1.40. It's the most sugar I think Isla has ever had in one sitting and she just sucks it down! Someone else pointed out to me that you can also get a kids steamed milk as well which is milk with a flavor in it.

  2. I love the hot chocolate all over her chin!
    Hope your dad's surgery goes well. If you decided to go the long way home let me know - we love visitors!


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