Christmas Eve

Though my house still seems trapped in Christmas chaos (literally), I realize we are quickly leaving Christmas behind us and I need to write down all that happened before I never get around to it or forget. So here you have it, our Christmas Eve.

We "started" off having lunch with Ian's family. I say "started" because Ian actually worked half a day. But, we had a 1pm lunch with Ian's family, then opened presents. That order would have actually happened if there weren't unwrapped legos sitting out with Connor's stocking. As soon as he saw those, he checked out of the whole lunch thing.

 ^^ This kid scored big time in the lego department this year. And, of course, he wanted every single new set built RIGHT AWAY!

^^ The kid couldn't even look away from his legos for a picture with his mom.

After gifts, Ian's mom had stuff set up for the kids to decorate cookies...or really just to get the kids all hopped up on sugar just before taking them to church!

After this, we all headed to church for the Christmas Eve service. This has always been my favorite service. This year Connor went and sat on the stage when the pastor read a Christmas book. He was very well behaved, but that was because he had one of his new legos with him and was playing with it ;) At one point, he even held it in the air. But he was calm and quiet and that is about all this mama can ask for. Isla lasted for about half the service, then I sat in the lobby with her and watched the rest on one of the tv screens.

After church, the four of us headed home. I made chicken noodle soup in the crockpot and it was sitting at home waiting to warm our bellies. It was nice to head home so early on Christmas Eve. It gave us a chance to bathe the kids, then read them the real Christmas story and a fun one about santa as well. As a bonus, we were able to tuck them into bed on time so they got plenty of rest for the long day ahead of them on Christmas.

^^ I know her eyes are closed, but I love that big smile! 

For those of you that wondered about the chaos that goes into getting a picture of two little people together, here you go...

There are actually more pictures of this too. They ended up wrestling, so neither was looking at the camera. Oh the memories being made!

Next up, Christmas...but at this point, that will have to wait until next year. I hope you all have a safe and fun time ringing in 2014. Happy New Year!


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  1. That picture of the 3 of you with Connor eyeing his Legos is the best! Isla is your little twin too, wow!!


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