I feel like I have become such a perfectionist with pictures that it sometimes takes the joy out of a photo for me. Rather than enjoying the picture that my daughter is actually smiling in, I focus on the fact that we are out of focus and the tv is on in the background. Three years ago, none of that would have even mattered to me and I would have just enjoyed the picture. Note to self, take a chill pill!!!

This past week:

  • Since I was born in California, I do consider myself a native, even though I spent much of my childhood in another state. Either way, I still got a kick out of these California sayings. And I totally didn't know that people refer to California as "Cali"....hmmm.
  • After watching Isla dump a hot chocolate down herself, I learned her jacket is dry clean only. Really?! A toddlers jacket is dry clean only?! I never would have bought it if I knew that. 
  • A child size sink made Isla about the most excited I have ever seen her. And there were totally tears when I finally made her stop "wash hands". 
  • Connor has started to build his own lego creations. I totally love watching his little imagination at work. 

I just realized Christmas is 9 (well, practically 8 now) days away...say what?! I really need to get going on things. I have yet to wrap one single present and still have more shopping to do. Oh, and I hate shopping in crowds. 

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  1. I completely agree about the picture perfectionist problem (PPP)! I'm exactly the same way!


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