Long Days

I feel like I really should title this "how to entertain a toddler strapped in a stroller all day", but you know...it doesn't have the right ring to it! So my dad had surgery (spinal surgery) yesterday and Isla and I spent all day at the hospital with my mom...well and a while with my dad. His surgery ended up being majorly delayed. And the hospital personal couldn't quite make up their minds as to whether Isla was allowed to be at the hospital. I called the hospital ahead of time to confirm kids are allowed in the waiting rooms, just not patient rooms. AND there is a sign at the elevators confirming this. However, some of the workers didn't seem to get the memo, but whateves. It is what it is. Because of this, I only let Isla out of her stroller once during the whole freaking day, in the cafeteria. The rest of the time was spent like this.

^^ Isla and my dad coloring, pre-surgery.

It worked in my favor that Isla's stroller fit perfectly up to the side tables in the waiting room. I then made it into her own activity table, given that I was armed with coloring books/crayons, duplos, a doll and some books. Well, and an iphone, but I tried hard to interact with her rather than let her play with the phone all day, which she would have preferred.

In all honesty, I think Isla provided quite the distraction during my dad's surgery. I certainly didn't even have a chance to get bored. I brought four magazines and only managed to open one. Isla never napped, so yeah, that was fun.

After watching the sun set from the hospital, my dad finally made it out of surgery and into recovery about 7pm. We were able to go see him a little while later and then I packed Isla up and headed back to my parents for the evening.

Today wasn't quite as bad, but Isla still clocked a lot of "butt time". I don't have the heart to break it to her that after another hospital visit in the morning, we will be making the long trip home. Poor girl his been such a trooper. She definitely deserves to run around to her heart's content on Friday.

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  1. I'm glad it sounds like your dad's surgery was successful. It was wonderful that you could be with him, to comfort and support him. Also, I'm glad Isla was such a trooper! What to go, kiddo.


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