What good is a Christmas tree if we can't use it to play around with?! This photo idea was brought to you by Connor. I got the idea because he was so into looking at himself in the ornaments. So there you have it! And maybe if I had nice balls (hehe, I said balls!) instead of cheap plastic Ikea ones, the picture would have been more clear. But, plastic ones are good for the kids to play with!

This week:

  • While watching a nativity play with Connor, he kept asking "Where's the king that wants to kill baby Jesus?". I now know his favorite part of the story. Of course, he probably imagines ninjas protecting Jesus! 
  • Isla has a new obsession with putting socks and shoes on her hands. Yeah, I don't know either!?
  • If you ask Isla where her tail is, she points to just above her bum. It caught me off guard when she did it the other day and totally made me laugh. You know I now have that on video. 

I wish you all a calm couple days leading up to Christmas. For most, it always seems the most chaotic. Thankfully ours shouldn't be too bad (aka: no last minute trips to the mall!).

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