The {Christmas} Dress Isla Wore

On Christmas day, I dressed Isla in a dress that I wore as a toddler. My mom literally kept every single dress I had as a baby and toddler. And what amazes me is the condition of these dresses. They all are in pristine condition. My kids can ruin clothes in one go! Either I wasn't as messy, or my mom is way better at scrubbing out stains than I am! I digress. 

I was actually nervous about mixing old and new styles together, but it totally ended up working. It is funny to me how much shorter dresses were "back in the day" than they are now. But, it just allows Isla to show off her adorable stripped tights all that much more! 

As for the bracelets, Isla styled those all on her own. As soon as she saw them in her stocking she put them on. Girl loves her some jewelry. 

The dress is actually long sleeved, but Isla kept pushing up the sleeves and since there is elastic at the wrist, the sleeves would stay up when she pushed them up. After pulling them down a couple times, I just decided to go with it. 

^^ Someone didn't want his picture taken

I wish I could find a picture of me in this dress. It just seems so cool that both Isla and I wore the same dress...and I totally love how she looked in it. It is making me think that I need to go back through the other dresses that my mom kept of mine and put Isla in more of them.  

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  1. I can't believe your mom has your toddler dresses! I know my mom didn't keep anything like that.

    Isla looks absolutely adorable, and I'm sure you did as well!

  2. 1. I love that she is wearing it.
    2. it is actually so cute! I am not quite a fan of some of the older dresses we wore as kids.
    3. Please tell me your mom has a photo of you in it somewhere? actually, blog request. a blog with photos of you as a child and isla at the same age. would love to see the comparison!?

  3. what a beautiful girl and an adorable dress...


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