From the Mouth of Connor {four}

Because who doesn't want some funny pumped into their Monday afternoon?! And a Monday afternoon that comes after a four day weekend, none-the-less.

Some of the things that have come out of the mouth of Connor lately:

Mama, you have much long hair. 

When I'm a big boy I'll get daddy's clothes because I will be too big for my little boy clothes. 

It started smelling while driving and Connor said "Did you fart mama?" Seriously little boy?! Every bad smell you come across is not from your mother!!!

Why is daddy at work? The sun is not up. He should be in bed with us. 

(Touching his birthday on the calendar) I'm touching my birthday. 

We should put a sign up at Papa and Memaw's house that says no Riley dogs. Then Riley can come live with us and sleep with me and kiss me. 

Why do my feet hurt? Maybe because last night I was getting bigger, bigger, bigger!

The thing about sissy is she talks different than me.

(Connor said this to me) I love you all the time, but sometimes I don't like you. Aren't you too young to say things like this kid?!

Happy Monday everyone!!! Monday's aren't bad for me anymore, but when I worked, they totally sucked. So I hope these Connorisms made your Monday a little more bearable.


  1. love this...can't wait for parker to talk!!

    1. It is SO FUN when they get to the point that they have conversations with you. The way kids minds think is fascinating.

  2. Look at that blurred background! Love it! And I love his creative mind - sounds like an artist!

  3. I love that he touched his birthday! Adorable.


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