Christmas Cookies

With Christmas being a week away, I have kind of hit crunch time for fitting in all the Christmas related activities I want to do with the kids. With Isla napping (sorry girl, you always seem to miss out), Connor and I hit the kitchen and made some cookies.

I made the actual cookies, then let Connor help me cut them out and he was fully able to control the never would have guessed by looking at the cookies, I know!

Though it's hard to tell, Connor actually took his cookie decorating pretty serious. After dumping a jar of sprinkles on each cookie, he would use his little finger to try to spread out the mess he made. And him pushing the red hots pretty much all the way through the cookie was pretty much adorable. Of course, many "normal" things he does I find irresistible. I am his mother, after all!

^^ Just when I went to take a picture of Connor and (some of) his cookies, he totally started eating the red hots off the cookies! Talk about being caught red handed!

Since we really don't need any more sweets laying around the house, I decided to bag up the cookies to give to our neighbors as gifts...after the kids each got a cookie.

And, well, I now think I need to make another batch of cookies and let Isla in on the fun. Plus, it means more love for the's always a good thing to be on your neighbors good side!

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