So back to Disneyland. A week and a half ago, we met Ian's family for a few days at Disney. Ian's parents live in the same city as us, but his sister and brother (and his wife) live in other places. So, we all met there. We all stayed in a house I found on airbnb. It was perfect and only half a mile from the park. We got there on Thursday afternoon and Ian, the kids and I spent a couple hours at Downtown Disney. The kids were in love and seriously wanted every single last thing they saw…we let them each get one thing. Connor got a new outfit for his bear from Build-a-Bear and Isla got an (overpriced) Elsa wand from one of the stores. 

Friday morning we were all up early and ready to hit up Disneyland. Connor wanted to ride the monorail into the park and I didn't want to have to take all the stuff I shoved in the stroller out of the stroller, so my sister-in-law and I (along with Isla in the stroller) walked into the park and everyone else took the monorail. Just outside the monorail stop in Disneyland is the submarines and Connor wanted to try them out. He really liked it. Isla got scared for a bit, which was a theme on many of the rides. 

^^ All full of concentration in the submarine.  

After that, Connor wanted to ride the matterhorn. I couldn't ride it in my "current state" and Isla was too small. Everyone got in line and my sister-in-law and I took Isla to her Elsa makeover appointment. When Isla was pretty close to being done, everyone came into the boutique. So Isla got to smile all pretty and show off her new look to everyone. Then, we went to lunch. 

After lunch we headed into Fantasyland, where we rode a few rides. Then we headed on to Toon Town for some more fun. Connor enjoyed running around and doing the sound effects on the various buildings. Then he just wanted to play in the playground. Isla decided to stand in line and meet Goofy. This was the first character she met and she did a really good job not being scared or anything.

After Toon Town, we all ran back to the house we were staying at to change because we had dinner reservations at Club 33. It was fun going there again (Ian and I used to go every year for our anniversary when he went to PWC and they were a member). I was feeling pretty intimidated taking the kids there though. They were already showing signs of being tired and I was afraid they wouldn't want to sit still. But they actually did well. And when Isla wouldn't stop trying to play under the table, I brought out the iPad for her!

 ^^ A family photo at the entrance to Club 33

The dinner was amazing. Our table was right in front of a huge window overlooking the park. The food was superb. Even the kids meals were three course meals! I was proud of Isla for not only trying the tomato soup that came with her first course, but liking it. Though, I must say, I actually think Isla's favorite part of the restaurant was the big chaise lounge in the bathroom. She loved playing around on that thing. And I am pretty sure Connor's favorite part was all the cherries they kept putting in his shirley temple. Which, I got to enjoy that too…yep, I got a shirley temple. I had to somehow try to make up for the fact that everyone else was enjoying amazing wine flights with their dinner, so shirley temple it was. 

 ^^ Mine and Isla's menus stacked on each other. And Isla hanging out on the chaise lounge she liked so much. 

After dinner we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. Connor really enjoyed it and Isla was, of course, scared…though she did like it starting about half way through. After that we split up with Ian's family. The four of us went and rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. After getting off that ride, it was already 10pm. Thankfully, when we came back to the park, we brought a second stroller for Connor. So, we loaded up the kids and started for the car. The problem was, the fireworks had just ended. So, it literally took us half an hour just to get to the exit of the park. Isla fell asleep within minutes of being in her stroller. It took Connor a little longer, but he fell asleep too. Both kids transferred to their car seats, then to their beds without waking up. They were tired kids! 

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  1. What a great trip. I love reading about Disneyland. We are Disney World goer-toers (that's a word), so the subtle differences are amazing!

    As always - gorgeous pics of gorgeous kiddos.


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