My Gang is Expanding

You know when you are so excited about something and you can't decide if you want to shout it from the rooftops or just hold it in for yourself? Yeah, that's how I've been for the past several weeks. But, my stomach muscles have quickly failed me and it's time I let my precious little secret out for the world to know. 

I'm pregnant. 

Two little words I didn't know if I would ever be able to utter again. It's been a long road. One with many twists and turns…that I am thinking I will share some of in the near future. It's a journey that has been lonely. It's a journey that's been heartbreaking, yet one filled with hope. 

This little babe growing inside of me is a miracle. A miracle I love and treasure so much. One that I worry about daily. But so far, all is well. And that little profile is about the cutest I've ever seen. Or at least is a three way tie for first place ;)

I am currently 13 weeks along. I was horribly sick for about the first 10 weeks. So incredibly sick. My house suffered. My family suffered. I suffered. Thankfully the cloud lifted and I am doing much better. I've had two ultrasounds and both times the baby measured ahead. Since Connor and Isla were both late, I am crossing my fingers that means this one will be on time…or at least not super late. 

Baby G number three is due December 8th. And, like the other two, we won't find out what we are having until it's birth day

Now prepare yourself for periodic pregnancy updates. We all know I love taking pictures, so maybe I will be slightly diligent at taking them of myself and my ever (and quickly) expanding belly. In my head I imagine myself doing weekly shots to watch myself grow…in reality, I will probably be lucky if I get around to doing them monthly! 

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  1. Omg omg omg!!! That's so exciting! Im so so happy for you and your sweet family that is now growing again <3 I cannot describe how much love I already have for the baby :) Isla and Connor are both going to be the best big siblings anyone could ask for ♥♡

  2. That's AMAZING news! Congrats! And yes, please share away. I love reading about pregnancies!!!

  3. Wahoo! Congrats. Praying for you my sweet friend.


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