Tball Pics

Tball only ended last month. But apparently it takes a while these days to process film. Actually, I am sure these were shot on digital, so I don't know what the excuse for the time frame was. But, whatever. We finally got Connor's tball pictures last week. I was excited to see them. I was actually out of town for picture day, so Ian took Connor. I would like to say that even though it appears that Connor is being tortured in the above photo, I am pretty sure he was not. 

Ian wasn't an official coach on the team. But given that he showed up and helped at every practice, they ended up giving him a hat, then had him be in the group picture on picture day. I think it's cute. 

^^ Connor is standing on the right. I have never seen this particular facial expression from him, so I am going to go ahead and say he was somehow caught off guard by the picture! 

Connor still talks about tball all the time. I am glad it is something he has pride in. And we definitely plan on putting him in it again next year.

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  1. I think his group facial expression looks like he's serious about the sport and he's ready to win! At least he pulls it off! :)


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