Isla's Elsa Makeover

We just got back from a few days down at Disneyland. So, that means I will be bombarding you with pictures from the trip for a while now...just thought I would warn you. Anyway, while we were there, Isla got an Elsa makeover at the Anna & Elsa Boutique in Downtown Disney. I gave her the choice of Cinderella (from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique) or Elsa and she chose Elsa.  I have to say, I was really happy with Isla's little makeover. Watching her face light up over and over again was worth every single last penny. She was pampered and totally enjoyed it.

The makeover included Isla getting her hair done, her nails done and some makeup. I brought her Elsa dress and shoes from home for her to wear. Isla chose to have purple put in her hair (which is in the bun on the back of her head), a pink tiara, rainbow glitter all over her head and pink nail polish. She had a bit of a hard time just looking forward while getting her hair styled, but after they started painting her nails, she stayed still and it allowed the hair girl to finish her hair. Isla was so incredibly excited after they put the crown on her. And she was over the top excited when they turned her around and the saw herself in the mirror. It was so amazing to watch and just made my mama heart so happy.

^^ Getting her hair and nails done at the same time.  

^^ So Isla wouldn't let the lady just put eye shadow on her, but instead had to hold the q-tip at the same time. My little control freak. The workers were laughing and said that is the first time they have seen that happen before. 

^^ Getting her tiara put on

^^ Isla hadn't seen herself yet, but was just so excited with the tiara being put on. 

^^ Her first glimpse of herself 

^^ Seeing the back of her hair 

^^ All done up and ready to have some fun! 

We got the photo pass + at the park and had Isla's picture taken both in the entrance to the park and in front of the castle. I am excited to get those pictures back. It was actually the photographer at the entrance that suggested pictures of just Isla, so we had them done again in front of the castle too. 

Isla wore her dress all day, and even slept in it as she fell asleep when we were leaving Disneyland that night. I wouldn't let her wear it the next day though, because she had dropped food all over it by the end of the day. She wasn't too happy about that, but got over it with a little pep talk and a minnie mouse shirt to wear. 

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  1. Way too cute!! Love her smiling face in the first picture!! :)

  2. This is just too much. You can see her excitement in every single picture.

    Love the eyeshadow story. That's a story you'll tell for years to come.


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