Fun in the Sun

Okay, so really this should have been titled "fun in the shade", but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. With temperatures being in triple digits and apparently ready to stay like that for a while, I headed out and got the kids a pool to play in. I decided to set up this gargantuan blow up pool on the patio. I figured it would keep the kids from getting too much sun exposure and would also keep the water from getting too hot, thus allowing me to reuse the water for longer. Yes, I have had problems in the past with water getting too hot in the kids kiddie pools when sitting in the sun. It be hot here people! The kids had a blast. The pool play was mostly fight free. We even busted out some popsicles…because pool or no pool and shade or no shade, 104 is HOT! And in case you are wondering, yes Connor did shoot me with the squirt gun while I was taking his picture and unfortunately, no I didn't get an action shot.

I must admit, later that evening the kids and I went back into the backyard to play. They decided to make mud to play in and Isla threw her mud covered self into that clean kiddie pool water…the water I was trying to allow us to reuse for days, given that we are in a drought and all. So yesterday, the kids got to play in a pool filled with dirty water. But, it's all good because they covered themselves in mud again and I didn't even have to try to stop them from getting in the pool to rinse off! Oh, and I am slowly getting rid of the water by watering the plants in our yard. Gotta conserve people, gotta conserve.

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  1. Awesome pictures!! And way to go conserving water!!!! I have a friend from Cali come by our house a few nights back and the sprinklers started going off while he was here and he gasped about using water. It's different here - we have winter for 8 months of the year, but water is a plenty.


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