Playing Police

My kids love playing police. They turn anything and everything into a jail (like our dining room chairs in the picture above). And I frequently hear them yell, "9-1-1, police under arrest Connor!" "No, police, under arrest Isla!" They say this not only when they are playing, but also when they are mad or annoyed with each other. And, I have to admit, I love that they say "under arrest" because it shows that they are still little and I just think it's cute.

Funny fact, when I was in junior high, my younger brother called the police on my older brother. My mom was out running an errand, my dad was at work. My brothers were upstairs fighting and I was curled up in my favorite chair in the living room when there was a knock at the door. When I was standing there talking to the cop, my mom came home. Believe it or not, the cop lectured me for not keeping my brothers from fighting. What?! As if I wanted to get in the middle of that!!! I have since learned that if cops have time, they respond to calls like that to try and scare the kids into behaving.

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  1. The sweet memories of childhood :) Love how creative they are!!

  2. This is too sweet.

    Taylor is really into "getting trapped" or "trapping people" so very similar but with less "under arrest" adorableness. :)


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