Connor: This kid loves to show us his love and affection by body slamming us, licking us and in general just doing anything crazy to us he can. He even likes to "push our buttons" and see how we'll react…he literally pokes me in different places and laughs when he sees what I'll do.  It may be my smile button, my hug button, my tickle button...

Isla: This girl and flowers. Whenever she sees one, she wants to pick it. Sometimes she wants them put in a vase, other times she wants to give them to people, other times they are food for her (stuffed) kitties, and other times she shreds them and calls it pixie dust. 

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

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  1. Such sweet photos. And such a good example of boy vs girl. I think Alex is going to follow in C's footsteps. He definitely likes to body slam to show affection too!

  2. Love Isla's jacket as you always said cat lady :)

  3. Oh what lovely photos and such sweet snippets of their personalities!


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